These self-made businesswomen overcame all challenges that life could throw at them and established themselves in the world of entrepreneurship. They are also a pillar of support and inspiration for H.E.R.


Our community of networking professionals from a diverse collection of sectors like medicine, advertising, health & fitness, corporate, social work, and more. They help H.E.R. grow and become a space for connecting women from various walks of life.


Subject matter experts in their respective fields, these leagues of experts are constantly connected with H.E.R. and dispense their advice for our members on a number of topics like legalizing, nutrition, mental & physical health, child care, finance, and more.


Discover the perspectives of the HER community guest authors who are changing viewpoints and igniting ideas that you never thought of. To gain your voice, you have to forget about having it heard/ To our storytellers, who will give you new thinking hats and much more.

Social Workers

Our community brings to you, a plethora of social workers, who are highly accomplished and working hard in their fields and would be more than happy to work with you and help you grow and fight it out,they are always present and ready to help you.