The mind which gave birth to the idea of Huddle Empower Rise and dedicated herself to the cause of empowering women through education, information, networking, and discussion.

Ms. Aisha Ayub
Entrepreneur – Digital Marketer – Social Worker – Urdu Poet.

Founder of HER (Huddle Empower Rise)
It is a global network of women, an organization that provides a platform for women from all walks of life to initiate conversations. HER focuses on facilitating solutions to the challenges that hinder the growth of women all over the globe. We are a social venture that informs, educates, supports and connects women to empower them.

Founder & CEO of The Quoteship
A digital marketing company with the vision “Digital for all” . We have both national and international clients for our services like website development, social media marketing, Google ad campaigns, seo and graphic designing/video editing etc.

Founder & General Secretary of Mukhaatib foundation
A Lucknow based NGO that works for the upliftment of Urdu language, through workshops, literary and poetry events which connects both new and legendary urdu poets on the same platform.


Core Team

The ‘behind the scenes’ team consists of people from various fields coming together to work towards the accomplishment of H.E.R.’s vision in a smooth and timely manner while taking care of the finer details.